Artists Against War (AAW) is an online store with artworks created by artists from all over the world as a response to the Russian-Ukrainian ongoing war. AAW collects digital images of different types of fine arts. In collaboration with selected printing houses around the world, we offer high-quality printed posters in different sizes with worldwide delivery.

"Our Army, Our Protectors" by Maria Primachenko. 1978

The project's main purpose is to provide financial support for Ukrainian artists and volunteer initiatives.

50% of the profit from posters created by Ukrainian artists will be transferred to the author of the work. If the author of the artwork is not a resident of Ukraine, this part of the profit will be used to create a charity foundation that will support Ukrainian artists.

We will donate the other 50% to CO "COME BACK ALIVE", the international charitable foundation that supports the Armed Forces of Ukraine through financing purely defensive initiatives. The organization does not use funds for purchasing arms. Its mission is limited to supplying technology, training, and accoutrements to help save the lives of Ukrainians and help our warriors defend Ukraine.

Artists Against War is created by a team of Ukrainians.

We are so incredibly grateful for all the support we are receiving in these horrifying times for our country. We believe that the nation will survive, and freedom and democracy will win only if the whole world will unite for a common bright future.

All posters that we collect were made by talented and proactive artists from all over the world. You can use printed posters to show your support by placing them in public spaces. It could also be a valuable piece of art in your private space that will remind you of your donations in fighting against the war.

We are open to cooperation with artists, galleries, and art institutions. If you have any requests or want to submit your works of art please reach out to us via the form below.

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